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Inner Strength Hypnotherapy

Julia Rodgers C.Ht. – Certified Hypnotherapist

Unlock the power of your subconscious
mind with hypnosis.

Have you ever felt lost or stuck or even hopeless? If so, Hypnotherapy may just be the right solution for you. With the powerful tool of hypnosis, you can rid yourself of those feelings once and for all. We all have conscious thoughts and desires and even when we try our hardest to make a change, it’s often not enough and we find ourselves back in the same undesired behavioral loops. This may come as a surprise, but the conscious part of our mind is onlyresponsible for about 12% of our total mind power. Consequently, it is our subconscious mindthat holds 88% of the power, and is running the show most of the time. With hypnosis, we achieve direct access to the subconscious mind which provides the opportunity to create desired changes that have proven difficult to acquire solely with conscious willpower.

At Inner Strength Hypnotherapy, I help people take control and transform their behaviors and limiting beliefs so that they can accomplish their goals with confidence. Through hypnosis, one has the ability to align their conscious desires with their subconscious motivations. By accessing the subconscious mind and giving positive suggestions, hope can be restored, and empowerment can be found. With hypnotherapy, individuals have the chance to finally break free from their chains and be inspired to live life to their highest potential. Helping facilitate such significant, personal growth in my clients is truly a rewarding feeling, and that is what I hope to bring to as many people as possible. Through my own personal struggles and the extensive training that I have had in this field, I feel confident in my ability to relate to and connect with clients in an intimate and meaningful way. It is my goal and intention to have practice in which my clients feel inspired, empowered and fulfilled.

Professional headshot of a female Hypnotherapist with a friendly and inviting smile.

Julia Rodgers C.Ht. - Certified Hypnotherapist

Knowing what an amazing impact actions can have, it is my desire to offer life-altering assistance to as many people as I can through hypnotherapy. The kind care that I’ve received is genuinely priceless so it is my honor to give others just as wonderful of an experience.


“My name is Niki and I have spent several weeks with Julia working on becoming an ex-smoker. You see, Julia does hypnotherapy and let me tell you there is really something to this. I was skeptical in the beginning but now I believe hypnotherapy is a great tool. Julia is kind and smart and really puts a lot of work into her sessions. Her voice is soothing and comfortable. When we did our sessions, she made me feel safe and like nothing could stop me from accomplishing my goal. I can tell she really did her homework before our sessions. She was always prepared and had great questions to get to the root of my smoking habit. While I am just starting this new chapter of my life, I feel like the ease of this go ‘round has surprised me and that I can truly be successful for life this time. I am impressed with Julia and her abilities. I will be eternally thankful for her support.”

- Nichole B

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